Storage Center

The Storage Center will record the live streams from any supported video processing device and can be used as a redundant onsite / offsite storage solution and act as a fully functional NVR system. Accomodating a virtually unlimited storage volume by utilizing mapped NAS or SAN units you can store as little or as much as you need. Up to 128 channels simultaneous recording is possible if system resource requirements are met. Utilizing the most advanced industry H.264 & H.265 standards the Storage Center can connect to the live stream of all your front-end video processing devices and store the content for archiving. With the Storage Center you can even connect your MicroView Client and watch Playback video and Live View as if it were a regular DVR. You can perform all normal tasks with the MicroView Client, just with higher resolution MegaPixel video!

Storage Center

Storage Center

64bit Application

Records incoming IP video streams and provides live & playback video streams.

Enterprise / Professional

Enterprise / Professional

SouRCeā„¢ Platform

The Storage Center is part of the Enterprise and Professional platforms.



Along with SDK's, the ONVIF protocol has been integrated so you can be sure there's no guesswork with compatibility.

HD/SD Playback

While recording only 1 stream and saving space, you'll still have access to a dynamic sub-stream for low bandwidth playback.

Realtime Management

Adding or removing channels & channel mapping can all be done in real-time without affecting availability.


Expand your video retention for as long as you need with network based storage utilizing the standardized iSCSI protocol.

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