MICROVIEW provides innovative solutions in the digital video security field. Empowered by the experience of its multidisciplinary team.


MICROVIEW has become the top provider for customers that want to feel at ease with the new digital security technology. MICROVIEW product customers are frequently found in a wide range of environments, including retail & banking, public safety & law enforcement, gaming & hospitality, schools & education, manufacturing & supply chain, government, transportation, hospitals & medical centers, and many others.

Product Features

Real-time Surveillance

With IP surveillance enabling digital surveillance streams over the internet, operators in various places.

Advanced video analytics

Intelligent cameras with built-in video analytics are beginning to play a significant role.


IP-based network cameras provide greater flexibility and increased network integration capabilities.


Scalability is a growing focus in today’s video surveillance market. The explosion of new IP Cameras.

Digital Storage

Video footage is recorded and stored digitally, unlike analog systems which archive footage on clunky cassette tapes.

Remote Access

IP-based surveillance systems send live video streams over the internet, where they can be viewed, along with archived footage.

Solutions for every Industry


MicroView ensures the security of airport with their products

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Hospitals & Healthcare

We create and focusing on advance surveillance health care centers.

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Financial & Banking

Banking and financial institution security isn't simply about protecting money.

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Government Sector

Government offices and facilities probably need CCTV cameras.

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Manufacturing & Industrial

Reliable and robust security systems to all manufacturing and industrial sectors.

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City Surveillance

When public safety is at risk, and real-time decision making is required.

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MicroView Surveillance products are

designed and commissioned in the USA