The CMS software is the control and congfiguration software from the Enterprise platform. The CMS is designed to run on the secondary display in parallel to the Client software on the same system. Paired with the Client, the CMS offers the best experience with the Enterprise platform. Configuring the surveillance platform is all done from the CMS. You can remotely modify parameters of supported encoding video devices, control the digital matrix wall including scheme loading and saving and manage the Global User Manager for permissions that apply across the entire surveillance platform. With the power of the CMS software you can link alarm conditions to alert notifications. Playing customized audio alerts for the operators, generating emails to your smart phone and automatically populating the matrix are all managed by the CMS GUI.



64bit Application

Allows for control & configuration of the Enterprise platform.



SouRCe™ Platform

The CMS is part of the Enterprise platform.


System Health

This easy to use status board can view resource utilization, storage consumption, online status and so much more.

User Management

The global user manager controls authoritative permissions and can integrate with Microsoft AD™.

Secondary Screen

Deployed to an alternate monitor, you can view live view and playback video while the Client runs on the primary display.


A single-point UI makes it easy to configure an entire Enterprise VMS deployment from your desk.

MicroView Surveillance products are

designed and commissioned in the USA