MicroView is designed & developed by experienced security professionals who are driven by services and by building long-term client relationships

Who We Are

MICROVIEW provides innovative solutions in the digital video security field. Empowered by the experience of its multidisciplinary team, MicroView has become the top provider for customers that want to feel at ease with the new digital security technology.

The Beginning

Headquartered in Houston, USA, MicroView is powered by MICROLINK NETWORKS and has developed a reputation for being and innovative designer, developer and manufacturer of hardware and software products and peripheral solutions for government, military and enterprises. MICROVIEW is a true “ single-source ” manufacturer providing end-to-end hardware and software solutions, which can also interoperate seamlessly with a myriad of third-party products. From our unique position in the inudstry we have established outstanding manufacturer relationship and provide product flexiblity to help your business attain a strong presence in the security industry.

Looking Forward

Today, we’re still focused on delivering innovation that makes life work better and continue for future state of the art technology development. As the industry leader in IP-based security solutions, it’s our aim to minimize the unknown. We build resilient, connected solutions that help businesses protect, understand, and enhance the world around them. Our solutions go beyond security. The provide operational insight that allow people to improve their business and master their environment.

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