2M Flat Outdoor Dome Camera

2M Flat Outdoor Dome Camera systems complete with everything needed to install, configure, monitor, and maintain a system. It can be as simple as a few cameras for home security or a large, complex system customized for a business or educational campus.

  • Panning 360°

    Panning 360°

  • Rotation 360°

    Rotation 360°

  • Tilting 75°

    Tilting 75°

Flat Camera

Camera Features

Aluminum Body

Aluminum die-casting helps inside heating factors releasing from small form factor with strong durability no like plastic ones.

Advanced Multiple
Axis Gimbal

Panning, Tilting, and rotating of gimbal is even more easily controllable than previous generation of gimbal.

Two Motor
AF MFZ Control

S/W logic types adjustment of zoom and focus for Two motors MFZ is the most cost-performance way and gives the easiest way.

High Power LEDs +
Anti IR Reflection

Gives maintaining as the smallest mechanical perspective with enough efficiency ways for IR impact and Proprietary IR-reflection.

Starter Ready

Anytime & Anywhere booting at the even more below than -20°C degree at extreme cold environments.

Bubble (Patent)

2M Flat Supports 90° degree tilt angle with any kind of dome cameras at even high definition resolution.

MicroView Surveillance products are

designed and commissioned in the USA